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<IMG SRC="B1001098"/>

Antipoda smiley

Hi aussy, kiwi, capy or

Hi brit, cannadoo, usaer

<IMG SRC="B1001100"/>


<IMG SRC="B1001101"/>

Need a break

<IMG SRC="B1001103"/>

Need a long break

<IMG SRC="B1001104"/>

Too much Tables in my head

<IMG SRC="B1001105"/>

This is a Borg, not the tennais player
(smiley - borg)

<IMG SRC="B1001106"/>

The End.

<IMG SRC="B1001108"/>


<IMG SRC="B1001110"/>

I am no match for a bird but I like it

<IMG SRC="B1001111"/>

Cycling round my face

<IMG SRC="B1001113"/>

Apple, berry or tomato
(smiley - tomato)
(smiley - martiansmile)

<IMG SRC="B1001114"/>

Water drop or blue bottle

<IMG SRC="B1015732"/>

Sand dune

<IMG SRC="B1954103"/>


<IMG SRC="B2020221"/>

Green tea, or the Island of Wright

<IMG SRC="B2259375"/>

Centauron, Party hat or head fountain

<IMG SRC="B820626"/>

Familair look

<IMG SRC="B802360"/>

Redused smiley

<IMG SRC="B802355"/>

Desiurb (bruised)

<IMG SRC="B802356"/>

Erm, whatever it means..

<IMG SRC="B802357"/>

Bruised nose

<IMG SRC="B802358"/>


<IMG SRC="B802359"/>

Doggy much better then bunny
smiley - dog

<IMG SRC="B802361"/>

Ok smiley - ok

<IMG SRC="B802362"/>

Zzz smiley - zzz

<IMG SRC="B733330"/>

smiley - devil

<IMG SRC="B733336"/>

Ok smiley - ok

<IMG SRC="B733337"/>

Smooch smiley - smooch

<IMG SRC="B851250"/>

Bruised nose

<IMG SRC="B2688648"/>

smiley - smiley

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