Cork, Ireland

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Dispite a recent economic recesion Cork is still a wonderfull city. Starting off point for a great many Americian immigrants Today's Cork is more a collage town than a bustling harbor. Getting around town is easy but for all you americians mak sure you look right then left as the Irish,like the British, drive on the wrong side of the road. Around town are many pituresque buildings, but more importuntly to any arriving traveller many pubs and night clubs. A short buss ride (or a very long, but pleasent walk) takes you to blarny town where you can go and perform the touristly ritual of kissing the blarny stone, if you like standing in ridiculissly long lines that is. Personaly I would suggest going to the castle but skipping the stone, Unless you have seen enugh castles in wich case go back to Cork and find a good pub.

Places to eat

I would suggest that unless you live in either Ireland or England yout stick with international fast food. I ate on the ship for most of my stay.

Places to avoid

As with most of europe Ireland generly speaking has considerably less violent crime than the U.S. but it probly best to stay away from the harbor and industrial areas after dark.

Local brews to try

Guniss or is you are not a guniss person try murphys. I personaly took a hankering to Paddy Irish whisky, much smother than Jack or any outher U.S. whisky I have ever tried. Also if you are from the states you may have never had hard cider-it is a beverage that is almost, but not quite, entierly unlike any beer you have ever had.

Bars and clubs

Pub crawling is a great way to spend an evening three pubs I found especially worthy of note are: the black bush, but a lot on the expensive side, The cat walk if you like to dance when you get drunk, and my personal favorate Doc Holidays A small but very popular watering hole owned and operated by a displaced Texan, cheaper drinks than any of the fancy nught clubs as well.

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