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Al Johnston

... where are these pneumatic tubes?

And why have I never seen one?

smiley - devilsmiley - pirate


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The Triad

Ah, that'd be the drugs! *nods mock-sagely*

You see, you go along the way you think you're going, to get to the plane... But then when everyone's inside and the doors close, then they pump in the drugs, and they start the pneumatic tube(s) going... And people never see them from the outside because of the holograms. *nod nod nod*


Post 3

world traveler11

where are these tubes and does anyone run into them?


Post 4


aha! so THATS why it takes so long for the planes to take off! i just knew it!


Post 5

Bob The Boilerman - Chief Engineer and Procrastinator

Soooooooo...... this is how I am going to get home in time for Chirstmas ..... a long tube, all the way from China to London. Will I get cold, should I wear my thermals? Now I know, will things ever be the same again?

Personally, I think air stewardesses are androids, but that is a whole new story.

Must go, got a bag to pack smiley - run


Post 6

Maria d J Gutierrez

The Triad's got it. I can tell by all the nodding and poking of elbows and such. smiley - winkeye No Bob. You will never be the same once you know the truth. There's no such thing as a "memory wipe" or a brain eraser thingie like they had in the movie "Men In Black" (no matter how many times Hollywood tries to shove such a silly notion down our collective throat).

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