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If we leave aside the Professionals for not strictly being police officers, there's no debate really, is there?

Jack "Bastard" Regan and George "Flash Dresser" Carter of the Flying Squad busting around the mean streets of London in Dagenham's finest motorcars, cracking the skulls of assorted villains and pulling the birds.

The recent availability of the TV series, the 'pilot' "Regan" and the films "Sweeney!" 1 & 2 on video / DVD makes you realise its popularity is not just due to nostalgia and a yearning for halcyon days but that fact that it was bloody good! Mostly well-scripted and well-acted, serious issues tackled with moments of levity, their no-nonsense, no glamour attitude to "birds, villains, snouts and ponces" is a joy to watch.

Where did you think this line came from?
"Get your trousers on - you're nicked!"

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The Sweeney

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