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I am going to freaking love this column, I'm sure!

So, I'm in Mauritius where the only shows you get are the first season of Lost, Desperate Housewives (both just ended), CSI and 4400.

BUT, we, youngsters do tend to download a lot of shows as well and we pass them around and there you go. Prison Break is a big craze right now.

I did get the first 6 episodes of Dresden files. I'm afraid I dropped the show after the series premiere itself. Reminded me too much of Charmed! I also dropped Supernatural after the premiere. Guess I'm not in this type of shows any more.

Anyway, here's the list of shows I'm currently watching and downloading (just so you know):

- Lost (which is getting kind of lame)
- Prison Break (I loved the first season)
- Heroes (the BEST)
- Jericho (when there's nothing else to do)
- The Office US (good comedy)
- Battlestar Galactica (I admit, I haven't watched any episodes yet)

- Stargate SG-1 (only watched the first two seasons or something; got some catching-up to do)
- Stargate Atlantis
- 30Rock
- Rome

What am I not watching that I should??

Falling in love

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'I am going to freaking love this column, I'm sure!' - Thank you very much smiley - smiley This is the first time i've tried to do something like this, it's nice to know some one out there is reading this! It's noice to know what everyone else is watching too. Theres so much TV out there that i sometimes miss awesome stuff, because of the sheer volume of TV!

'BUT, we, youngsters do tend to download a lot of shows' - I will point out I'm only 19! but i prefer to watch stuff on TV when it's aired. I'm in britain so i'm sorta behind on alot of the U.S shows.

As for the Dresdon Files..Yeh..it's starting to get sorta like charmed isn't it? I'm rather disapointed.

Prison Break is very good! I'll certainly review that when it comes back to the UK screens. I've never been a lost fan..though Hereos is alright. Give Battlestar a shot..its THE sharpest and best drama on TV.

What am I not watching that I should?? - Doctor Who, now theres an awesome show! I'll be chatting about that next issues cause it's back for the third season here in the U.K on the 31st. I'm a HUGE House fan, I quite Like Shark Too!

Falling in love

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Heroes isn't just ok my friend, it's amazing! Definitely THE best show on tv right now. I don't know up till which episode you watched but the story really develops and it's so well-planned. No silly twists and turns.

Speaking of twists and turns, the second season of Prison Break (at least the first half of the season) is plagued with them. But here again, I don't know up till when you've watched so I won't linger on it... Do hope the season's final is good though.

Yes, one friend of mine recommended House. She said I'd love it. I will definitely download it some day. I shall also download Firefly and the movie, Serenity.

I'm 18 by the way and in Mauritius, if you don't download, you simply do get to watch the good shows. And the really really bad thing is that you can't participate in online discussions when the shows actually do get broadcasted: we're soooo late on the fuss, you know.

By the way, are you in anime as well?

Falling in love

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I've watched up to about episode four and gave in. Not really for me.

Definitly go for house..firefly is very awesome too!

I dable in anime. Mostly i stick to movies..the studio gibli stuff..but i've seen a few shows. Paranoia agent and seriel experiments lane jumps to mind!

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Falling in love

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