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Well... some of the forums are so cool it would be a shame to stop people adding their part when they discover a nice conversation smiley - smiley


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This post has been removed.


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The indie charts as curently defined by the British Music Industry are titles that are independently DISTRIBUTED, as opposed to being on an independent label. This is why the indie charts are currently made up of Britney Spears and Steps, because their label (Zomba) is distributed by Pinnacle, which is an independent distributor (ie not affiliated to a record company). There are some 'indie' charts published which are basedon this principle, but have a fairly broad genring applied to them to filter out stuff that isn't 'indie', but that term is becoming so broad that it's a fairly inexact science.

Just found out A210006 on Indie isn't an edited guide entry!

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Apparently it isn't - and has never been - accepted into the Edited Guide, but there used to be a link to it from the Edited Guide entry on London Indie Clubs. Which made most people, including me, believe that the bilge you've just read WAS part of the Official Guide.

This also made everyone believe that the Edited Guide entry on Indie had already been written. It hasn't. Seeing as you're here, you're probably interested in working on creating it, and you'd be very welcome. The work is in progress here - A893892 - and it's in the Collaborative Writing Workshop for your comments, which would be very welcome.

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