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Sorry Dad

It's no good dad, I can't be lying in poetry;

In words, in everyday speech, yes,

But not this stuff, it's not right or true.

Sure, I play with the words, find exactly the right one

To frisson and drive my point home.

I've even done subtle occasionally

And I was glad to - why ever would I hurt you?

But if truth were told dad, if I could have learnt

To trust anyone, it should have been you. I told

You the truth in me, but all I could trust you to do

Was to use it in evidence against me.

Didn't anyone ever tell you, it's not a crime to be illogical!

Isn't it strange how a kid's insecurities can make

You snarl to hide your own?

Still, benefit of the doubt time - you probably thought

You were doing me a favour - hurting me into hiding them

Before a real b*****d came along to do the job properly

I've caught myself doing it to my lads. Saw their eyes

Knew the damage I'd done, and explained, I get frightened

And cross with myself because I cannot stop your fears

And they said 'No problem, mum'. And showed me the way.

Dad, if you knew how painful life could be

Why didn't you tell me?

Why couldn't you teach me

What your grandchildren taught me instead?

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