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Canadian Christmas

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Depending on where you live and where you come from, in Canada there is no set Christmas formula for the country. My family has Christmas at either at our house or one of our aunt's houses. We have meat pie (tourtiere) and other small things for dinner, and then again for breakfast. We wake up at about 5 in the morning, open presents, sit around eating meat pie until 1 pm, then we eat a BIG Christmas dinner.
Then we sit around for another few hours and then get up and go home.
We're Acadian - French-Canadian - Irish. This year it's just me and my fiance who's Dutch, so I guess we're going to start our own tradition! We live in Edmonton, our families live in Ontario, so we can't visit home for Christmas. It's 3000 kms away.

Canadian Christmas

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kats-eyes (psychically confirmed caffeine addict)

Thanks, Clarisse, that was really helpful!
I started to think no one read that boring article smiley - winkeye

where could I find a recipe for this delicious-sounding meat-pie?
and I forgot christmas-trees - do you know them?

ta, and a nice day,

Canadian Christmas

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I'll tell you what, when I get around to getting the recipe off my dad, I'll be sure to send you a copy! smiley - smiley

And Christmas Trees? Don't even get me STARTED on those!

American Christmas

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Insert cute nicname here.

Like in Canada, there is no standard national Christmas routine due to the 'melting pot' nature of the countries. As far as my family goes, we drive up to Chicago to my uncle's house. On Christmas Eve we have a large dinner, it consists of a variety of food, mostly Polish food because my uncle's in-laws are from Poland. The food is really quite delicious, especially the perogis (I'm not sure if that is how you spell it). The desert is even better, it ranges from the traditional American pumpkin pie, to blackberry cobbler, cookies, and my favorite, martzipan.

After dinner, we exchange gifts and open them. We spend the rest of the night either playing with our gifts, talking, watching movies, eating, or, most often, a combination of them all. Then on Christmas morning the children open the presents from Santa, who somehow broke into the house despite the expensive security system.

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