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Lost but not forgotten

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A wonderful article, entertaining in its charm and wit. On a deeper note, it brings back memories of the old words, the ones like my Grandfather used, the sounds of which brought such color and life to all the stories he told. The sad truth is that these words are passing into the mists of time, and that loss is one which greives me indeed.smiley - sadface

Lost but not forgotten

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

>> ...words are passing into the mists of time...<<

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And yet perhaps the revival of this wonderful essay allowing the continuation of your conversation from almost 5 years ago gives pause to consider that cyberspace may be a step into the fourth dimension.

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Cheers to the wise old men and women of the Underguide for presenting us once again with The 27th Letter, a masterful essay by a great curmudgeon. It was originally rejected as an Official Edited Guide Entry on the grounds that it was not true and as such fell into that area of writing known as fiction, and therefore not eligible for inclusion. This criteria for entry was not generally known or understood by the first wave of h2g2 researchers who had come here because of Douglas Adams` great fiction.

The popularity of the piece resulted in a small firestorm of protest from many researchers, some even quit to spite their own sodden noses. And a group of less principled hootooists decided instead to make use of the seemingly endless cyberspace provided by the BBC and establish a common user identity U187783 (Another Galaxy Guide) where anyone could write anything and we would promote it.

Well one thing led to `another`and `another`... until finally we come to the Underguide. So it is somewhat pleasing for me to look out the window this cybership stretching over 8 years and see that a conversation left here four years ago is not dead it`s just living in my head. Yes that`s a line from Coldplay and no I`m not gay.


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