The Caped Confuzzler - Part 10

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Reminiscences and Preparations

The Confuzzlites worked very hard to keep the factory operating at a
steady pace. The first shipment was almost ready. Keith was looking
at the stacks of Confuzzle body products that were being prepared for
distribution. The slogan on the side of the packages caught his
attention 'Confuzzlement, for that warm fuzzy feeling'.

Keith began to tie the ribbons around the packages. Paul and John
took the beribboned packages from Keith and placed them into shipping
crates. It was rather boring work.

'Keith, tell me about this Caped Confuzzler stuff you do.' said Paul in a curious tone.

John grinned. He had heard some of the stories before, although he
didn't necessarily believe all of them.

'Well, I don't know what to say', started Keith. 'It doesn't seem like it would be all that interesting to someone else, really.'

'No, it's not interesting at all', commented John. 'Not even, Captain Vague or Mr Two Faces, was the least bit entertaining.' teased John.

'Mr Two Faces?' asked Paul with a raised eyebrow.

'Oh, right, almost forgot about him.' said Keith as he tied a
particularly argumentative ribbon into a bow. As he handed the
package to John he started to tell them the story of one of the early
expoits of the Caped Confuzzler.

'Mr Two Faces was injured in an industrial accident. And, well, the surgeon was near sighted.'

'What happened there?' asked Paul as he nailed a crate closed. Keith continued.

'Well, this guy could actually talk out of both sides of his mouth. On the one hand, so to speak, he was all nice and complimentary. On the other hand, he was mean and insulting. In fact, it was hard to know what was true of what he said.'

'Tell him what you did.' urged John.

'I rigged a booby trap involving a pit of confuzzlement dust mixed with truth serum.' finished Keith.

'Did that work?' asked Paul.

'Nope.' answered Keith.

'What did you do, then?' Paul asked looking anxious.

'Put Mr Two Faces new talents to use, of course.' replied Keith. 'I found him a job in sales.'

As the last crate was nailed shut and loaded onto Paul's ship, the three friends prepared to leave Planet Confuzzle and say goodbye to the confuzzlites. Keith began to feel a bit nervous about what may be ahead. The long meetings with the Confuzzle High Council had impressed upon him and John the severity of the situation. Paul was looking quite tired around the edges even though he managed to keep his smiling demeanor.

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