The Legacy of Terry Horowitz - Part 12

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Part Twelve

The two Terry Horowitzes considered each other for a moment. 'Who the heck do you think you are?! You've ruined my life!' yelled the beardless Terry Horowitz to the more regal, bearded and life-worn of the two. The rage that had been building up for some time was suddenly unleashed upon this man who was not quite the mirror reflection of himself.

'And you are me?' said the bearded Terry Horowitz.

'Who else, Einstein?' said the beardless and considerably more peed-off Terry Horowitz.

'He was a very clever man, Einstein. I knew him. I remember spending hours listening to his ideas. You are clearly a very bitter man.'

'I'm you, you stupid idiot!' continued the mainstay of this story.

'No, I am a version of you. And you are a version of me. A version of me born on 18 November, 1905. A version who fought virtually every world power to proclaim the rights of women and men everywhere. Who sent the Blieg into the void. This much I remember.'

'1905?' asked Terry quizzically.

'Yes,' said the bearded Mr Horowitz.

'I was born in 1970.'

'I guess time doesn't run as smoothly as some would think... Albert would find that most amusing.'

'Bloody hilarious,' said the angry Terry Horowitz.

'Enough of this. I am here for a reason. I died.'

Beiphlat suddenly interrupted. 'Yes, my liege, and it is my fault, I believe.'

'And you are?' said the regal Terry Horowitz.

'I am Beiphlat. I am from a time in which you are revered. The descendants of the Blieg threatened our civilisation, as there were those who questioned the person you were, that you were a tyrant. I had to prove who you were, otherwise our way of life would have changed forever... but I made a grievous error that I fear we are all living with. I tried to write a story... I set it in motion using the provided rules of time as the 168th Greatest Story in the Universe, but the Blieg already had a story-telling process to counter your teachings... it became frozen in time. I couldn't fix what I had done. The Universe had already pulled another Terry Horowitz into existence. But your wife...'

'Yes?' said the more regal Terry Horowitz.

'She... she died saving us all,' replied Beiphlat hesitantly.

The man who had appeared not long ago on the bridge of the ship suddenly dropped to his knees. 'Emily...' the bearded Terry chocked out, 'my beloved Emily!' he cried. 'Why?' he yelled, infuriated, suddenly standing and turning his focus on Beiphlat. 'You are responsible for this!' said the now-furious bearded Terry Horowitz.

'I... I... words can not express...' uttered Beiphlat.

Regal Terry was about to unleash fury, except the whole area lurched to one side. Through the spaceport doors broke through a stream of Blieg, gnawing and screaming through tonnes of metal.

'We don't have time for this!' yelled Revo Recma. 'We're at war!' He turned his attention at the holes in the spaceport and started firing. 'We need you both. Now.'

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