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Cricketing today ?

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

G'day there Looneytunes,

I believe the cricket is in your home town today. Will you be attending ?

Also do you know when the test is on in Auckland as i will be there as of monday (don't panic, only for a month) probably causing irreperable damage to Air NZs finance system smiley - smiley

Cheers, Linus

Cricketing today ?

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

G'day Linus, sorry for not replying sooner, I have just came across your post.

I think we covered your questions in the That's An Outrage' forum.

I went for the 1st half of the game in Napier. Cold beer in fridge forced me to go home.

And of course I haven't mentioned that for at least the next two years Kiwis will be saying we won the last One-day game against Aus. smiley - bigeyes

Hope you enjoy Auckland - known down my way as "Sydney For Beginners".

Cricketing today ?

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

So far so good, apart from laptop problems that have kept me off the net until now.

Will probably go to the test at some stage on the weekend, hopeing it will be much closer than people think.

amazed not to be hassled much at all about being an Aussie, maybe they can't tell when you slur your words smiley - smiley

Rugby today

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

I think Aus will win the Tests quite easily - we haven't got the bowling firepower to dismiss Aus twice cheaply

I read somewhere that at any given time there are about 150,000 Aussies in NZ - and as you are no doubt well aware, all Kiwis have relatives in Aus.

And of course when we go to Europe or the States we join together, like siblings, and it is Downunder v The Rest smiley - bigeyes

Some good Super 12 games on this weekend. Get your money on my team, the Hurricanes.

Rugby today

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

Just as well i only just got this message !!!!

I did manage to see almost every super 12 game at some point over the weekend as well as go to the test on sunday - slow day scoring wise even though both teams lost a lot of wickets.

So far so good, thank goodness for Black Mac smiley - bigeyes

Rugby today

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Have you been for a drink at the Shakespeare Hotel? It is in the middle of town and brews its own beers. Excellent stuff. As is Macs Dark - try their lager, not bad either. smiley - bigeyes

Looks like the rain will save Aus in the cricket. Oh Danny Boy, my hero.

Rugby today

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Linus...42, i guess that makes me the answer...

As a matter of fact i did go there to watch the match the other friday night and tried the dark ale.

Yes, young Dan is one player that could make the Aussie team at the moment, the day i was there he got to 99 but i missed both his 100 and warne breaking the record as they couldn't do it until later days smiley - sadface

Still not on the net much - sorry for the delayed response. No doubt you will be sick of speaking to me once i get back online in Sydney.

I was going to watch the Waratahs - blues this friday but after how they played on the weekend i might give it a miss !!!!

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