Spoof Wars: Return of the Parody

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The Cesar Romero salad. The XXX Files. Bar Wars. Weapons of Maths destruction. What do these things have in common? They are all parody names of famous people and things. And what could be more fun than making fun of things that everyone loves? Very little. Thus, we have created The Spoof Game.


The rules to the game are actually very simple. A group of friends gather together and poke fun at things/people other people adore. All of the people take turns making up a title based on one that already exists in pop culture, movies, bands, television shows, albums, song titles, books, magazines, or anything else they can think of. A person gets one point for a spoof name. They get two points if they either continue on from the other player's spoof (such as if they both do a Pokémon spoof) or if they create two spoofs simultaneously (such as "The Eagles' Blair Witchy Woman"). A player gets no points for using someone else's parody, such as one that has already been named in the game. All parodies must be original.


The winner of the game shall be the first person who wins. Winning is accomplished after: A)The set time has expired, or B)All other people quit. The scores are tallied and the winner gains very little respect among their peers.


The game requires very little to play, but some things are recommended. Some sort of method to keep score and a timer each make it easier to play. A quick wit and strong sense of humour are also very useful. The game can be played in many environs, such as in the car, at a party, or even in chat rooms and forums. Variations in rules may be applied as necessary.

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