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By Jove! I believe the man has it!

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I do hope it's a man I'm speaking of. The last time I addressed someone as "sir" here on H2G2, I was forced to grovel in the most amazing ways to get back into the lovely lady's good graces (and I'm not used to doing that amount of groveling without pay, let me tell you right now!). So, if you happen to be a "sir", well done! If not, bugger off! Unless you're willing to send a small sum of money...

da Baron

By Jove! I believe the man has it!

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Mark Moxon

Michael is indeed a man. Currently, at least.

By Jove! I believe the man has it!

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Well, jolly good show! Good to see one of the fellows getting on, what with all the females and wogs and whatnot going on about this and that, and getting spotlight all the time...

He obviously has stumbled upon a system which will enlighten the world!

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