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There is a question that goes with this picture that can be found over the entrance door to House of Gods, but first, House of Gods needs to be explained.
Whether you believe in them or not doesn't matter, because they might just believe in you. If that is the case, then it is best you don't deny their existence, sooner or later, you will meet them!
I don't think any profession has better relations with the Gods than that of the assassin. He is, by nature, a solitude type. Preferring the quiet contemplative shadows to the bustle of the open street and bars (but sometimes bars and busy streets are the best places to hide). Yet he is never alone, the Gods are always watching as the assassin plays an important part in their 'games'. It is widely believed, that if a God is losing a 'game' he will even things with a quick inhuming of an opponents piece. Gods hate to lose, so as you can imagine, the assassins have to be good and very wary of who they upset. A good assassin thanks ALL the Gods for whatever grace falls his way.
The picture is a warning to the assasins who realise this. Each day, when they pass under the awsome archway entrance and view the picture they have to ask themselves, knowing the answer is what they make it, 'Is the sun rising...or setting?'.

Members of the House

Commodore Creachy
Once you have entered, you must check in with the head of the house. He will be known as Father, House of Gods Father, Hogfather for short. He can be found in the Fathers Office. From there he will point you to the dorms and the rectory.

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