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British monarchs

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I'd love to help out with entries on British monarchs. Where do I begin?

British monarchs

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

I reckon you should go and consult Demon Drawer on this. Here's one of their entries A696756.

British monarchs

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Mrs Zen

Or ask him nicely if you can nick it and credit him.

I assume you have read all the helpful stuff on 'how to contribute'? Course you have. Daft not to. What's not so obvious is that http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/test696756 will take you to the GML for DD's entry. You know what GML is? There is loads of info on it here on site if you don't.

As a matter of courtesy, ask DD nicely if you can do this. He may say 'no', but he'll probably say 'yes'. Do not do it without his permission, that's stealing.

Good luck!


British monarchs

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bah - only post 1066 wot about before that, a lot of the best ones were pre 1066.

British monarchs

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I've done a couple:
A87708964 Henry VI - The Reign Of England's Weakest King
A87722535 Edward IV - King of England


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