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How To Play

  • Nine letters will be posted every Thursday in The Post (See above pink box).
  • All you have to do is make a word from the letters provided, post the word in the Conversation Forum below, and if it is correct then you will get a point for each letter
  • Only words posted in the Conversation entitled 'Word Play 18.09.03' will be accepted.
  • Names, and Names of Products are not allowed. (e.g. Belgium, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, Douglas Adams)
  • Abbreviations and Hyphenated words are not allowed.
  • You may only use each of the letters ONCE in your word.
  • Only words found at MERRIAM-WEBSTER ONLINE (UK) site will be deemed acceptable in this game. Sorry for any inconvienance caused, but there has to be limitations to words, and that is where I will go to look up any words unfamiliar to me, or words that I am unsure about. If they are not found in the Merriam-Webster database, then the word will be deemed null and void.
  • Only the first elligible word posted by you will gain points, if you have posted an already used word, you may post again to get points for that week.
  • Once you have posted your word, you may not (unless your first word has already been posted by another researcher) post another word.
  • There is not a guarenteed nine letter word each week.
  • Words will be accepted until the Tuesday before the following weeks Post is published.
  • The winner is the first player to gain 100 or over points. If two players gain 100 or over points in the same week, the winner will be the player that posted their word for that week first.
  • The winner will receive a rather nice trophy with their name engraved that they can display on their h2g2 home page. Take a look at The Post Word Play Champions Page to see what the Word Play trophy looks like.


The Post Word Play Champions

Including the infamous 'Display Cabinet'.

Where the trophy's of past winners are proudly on show.


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