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Hi, I am UncleBillyOfArreton… although I expect you already know that.
Fortunately, I have found that wherever I go on H2G2, the page knows who I am when I arrive.

Now, I have been reading the “Beers A Pint By Pint Guide” page, web address at top.
During my 40 years of beer drinking I have experienced some good beers, lots of average pints and the infrequent abysmal quaff!
I admit I started drinking during school lunchtimes, but I was always a moderate drinker.
My 10+ years of 17th Century English Civil War re-enactment and “Living History” has been the biggest input to my experience. Again, I was always a moderate drinker.
The hangover after my brother’s stag night when I was 17 has been the best moderator! I prefer to drink and taste the gorgeous beers… and keep them and my previous meal inside my stomach! Plus, of course, I prefer to remember the lovely tastes.

I was a little disappointed to see that several excellent beers that I have experienced are not mentioned.
Therefore, how can I add my opinions to the page?
I understand that my words may well have to be scrutinized before published. Who do I send my words to?

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your expectant reply.

UncleBillyOfArreton smiley - cheers

H2G2 Beers & Ales

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Anoldgreymoonraker Free Tibet

Hi Uncle billy why don't you leave a message with Bob Stafford, he should help you smiley - cheers

H2G2 Beers & Ales

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Hi Uncle billy smiley - biggrin this is an open forum set up by me any one can add with full credit given

Use this format
Title first

Badger First Gold - From By Hall and Woodhouse Limited, Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Ale 4.0% by volume at Date 11/06 Uncle Billy

You should try this ale if .............................
Full taste notes....

Recommended for drinking etc.

Sampled from the bottle. Note the bottle is 4.0%.

ale 9.1 out of 10

Dont forget to rate. then post full entry on this page and I will to the listings smiley - cheers

I look forward to adding your taste notes smiley - ok

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