A Conversation for Australian Slang


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Lance Link

"Spin" or "Out for a Spin"
Take the car for a drive.
"I took the Vee-Dub out for a spin".

"Dickhead" also "P***k"
A real b*****d, not a nice person, and not a compliment.
"What did you do that for ... you dickhead!"

"Pillow Biter"
Derogatrory slang term, a put down, implying person is gay/homosexual.
That guy is just a pillow biter.

Useless person or person who thinks higly of themselevs.
That guy is a real w****r. Since he bought that Porsche he's become a real w****r.

"Blimey!" or "Cor Blimey!"
Exlamation, surprise. Often upbeat. See Strewth.
Blimey! Look at that.

"Blimey Charlie!"
Exlamation, sometimes associated with disappointment. Often downbeat.
Blimey Charlie. Where the hell did I put that screwdriver!

"Brass Monkey Weather"
Very cold. Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey in fact.

Poor quality workman ship.
"He did a s**thouse job on that!"

"S**thouse", "In the"
In trouble, often from a spouse.
"He's really in the s**thouse now..."

Moody or in a bad mood.
He's had the s**ts since he lost that game.

"Suss" see also "Bodgy" from "suspicious"
Of poor quality or low quality.
"That bridge looks a bit suss to me".

Really hot humid day or weather.
"It was a stinker of a day yesterday, at least 40! (degress)"

"Geographically Embarassed"


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mAd fOoL

Add these to the list:

Porcelain Bus, Driving the : Bent down, head over the Toilet, gripping the bowl with both hands doing your best inpersenation of a bus driver, while vomiting up copious amounts of alcohol (also see technicoloured yawn).

Bong: Ingeniuos water filtered smoking apparatus.

Billy: (1) Tin can used as for boiling water in the outback
(2) Bong

Billy O'Clock : Time to have a billy


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Mardi Gra

And what about that sataple of Neighbours scriptwriters: "Rack off!"
I assume this means "Get lost", but I'm a Pommy b*****d so what do I know? smiley - winkeye


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Researcher 137168

Pissed as in drunk. the yank's think we are mad at them every time we have been to the pub and come home and say we are pissed


Post 5


Couldn't help snorting as a guy introduced himself as Nigel.
Apparently it's quite a popular name in pommyland.

does the term, you're sure a nigel! or don't be a nigel! say nothing?

Nigel : looser, reject,


Post 6

Philipius The Hermit

There are two phrases that I feel have to be included becasue they are an itegeral part of of aussie culture.

"Man Boobs" and "Beer Gut"
When the Australain male becomes lazy, over eats and drink too much beer, he developes a beer gut(I'm not sure if that's exclusive to Aust.) and man boobs which I think explain themselves.
-Immortalized on afternoon radio by two comedians

"Man child"
A young boy possessing the features far beyond his age. Usualy a child in late high school who looks like he's had to stay back 6 years.
-similar origins to "Man Boobs"

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