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23 June 2006 - As a precautionary measure, Cadbury withdrew approximately one million chocolate bars, which may have been contaminated with a rare strain of salmonella.

The possible contamination was traced to a leaking pipe at a Cadbury's plant in Herefordshire in January.

On Monday 19 June 2006, Cadbury officially informed the Food Standards Agency (FSA) of the possible contamination of the following seven products.

  • Dairy Milk Turkish 250g
  • Dairy Milk Caramel
  • Dairy Milk Mint bars
  • Dairy Milk 8 chunk
  • Dairy Milk 1kg bar
  • Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg 105g
  • 10p Freddo bar

Read the full story of the Cadbury salmonella scare probed

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4 February 2006 - 'Nanny' is at it again! We'll soon have health warnings on our Cadbury and Mars chocolates. The warnings are apparently to inform us of how much sugar, salt and fat are in each bar and the amount of chocolate we should consume each day, and will carry advice on exercise.

Read the full story about Chocolate bars to get health logo

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In the Garden

You can have chocolate aroma in your garden with Chocolate Cosmos, or some of these other chocolate plants.

Who Makes What


John Cadbury, a young Quaker, founded Cadbury in Birmingham, UK in 1824. From that one shop spanned the huge worldwide business that is today known as Cadbury Schweppes. Fry's, are also owned by Cadbury. The following is just some of Cadbury's chocolate products.

  • Boost, the original Boost has been available since 1984, that was followed by; Peanut Boost, Coconut Boost and in 2002 Guarana Boost; the UK's first chocolate stimulation bar.

  • Buttons, available in milk and white chocolate. Probably the first chocolate parents give their children.

  • Chomp, a treat size chocolate, with a soft chewy toffee centre.

  • Creme Egg, not just for Easter, available all the year round.

  • Crunchie, with it's crunchie honeycombed centre was first produced in 1929.

  • Dream, a white chocolate bar. Available as a treat size or a chunky bar.

  • Eclairs...

  • Flake, advertised as an erotic chocolate was first produced in 1920.

  • Freddo, the small treat size, frog shaped chocolate; available in solid chocolate or with a caramel centre.

  • Milk Tray, tins/boxes of Milk Tray have been produced since 1915. There used to be a Milk Tray bar, which was joined sections of the various chocolate covered centres. In 2003 Cadbury launched Milk Tray Special Edition, which contains milk, white and dark chocolates.

  • Picnic, a nut and fruit bar covered by chocolate was first produce in 1958.

  • Roses...

  • Snowflake, this white chocolate flake, covered by milk chocolate, was launched in 2000 amid controversy at a celebrity wedding.

  • Timeout...

  • Turkish Delight, was launched in 1914 by Fry & Sons of Bristol, which merged with Cadbury Limited in 1919. Fry & Sons of Bristol, later known as Fry’s, were the first producer of chocolate for eating, as opposed to drinking chocolate, which came before eating chocolate.

  • Twirl, the twin bars of twirled chocolate was first produced in 1987.

  • Wispa, first produced in 1981, is a smooth, velvety chocolate bar. There is also Wispa Gold, Wispa Mint and since 2000 Wispa Bite.



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