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Welcome to Chocolate Word Puzzle page. This page is part of the Chocoholic's Delight Club, a club with a difference.

Below is some easy word puzzles. I'm going to be a meanie, and only accept the first submission in any of the puzzles. For the first one, I used pen and paper and took my time with a cup of coffee. I'm sure there's more than the amount I managed to find.

smiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spaceFancy line breaksmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - choc

Using your brain only, and without cheating; by using any electronic devices, or looking at the lists below, how many words of at least 3 letters can you find in the word –


List your words here -

Fancy line break

Fill in the missing letters to find the chocolate bars

  1. -o-i-
  2. -a-r- smiley - space -i-k
  3. -o-n-y
  4. -i-n smiley - space -a-
  5. -r-f-e-
  6. -u-k-s- smiley - space -e-i-h-
  7. -i-p-
  8. -i-k- smiley - space b-r
  9. -l-k-
  10. -o-f-e smiley - space C-i-p
  11. –o-l-r-n-
  12. -n-c-e-s

List your chocolate bars here -

Fancy line break

Unmuddle the words to find the boxes of chocolates

  1. kilm yart
  2. steelcabroni
  3. essor
  4. clabk gimac
  5. fater tigehs
  6. laquity estert
  7. lal glod
  8. eshore
  9. yarid oxb
  10. kathemmracs

List your boxes of chocolates here -

Fancy line breaksmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - chocsmiley - spacesmiley - choc

Word Puzzle Scores

Words from Chocolate

  • Pimms Lettuce - 50
  • Emmily - 26
  • loonycat - 25
  • Priestess Lindt - 7

Fill in the blanks

  • Not him - 6
  • Brown Eyed Girl - 6

Unmuddle the words

  • loonycat - 8

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