The Dark Eldar

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You enter a dark cave and see many tall beings, all of whom look very threatening. The one that is clearly the leader comes up to you and says "You have a simple choice human - die now on the blades on my Incubi Cadre or be carried into the night where you will die a thousand deaths at the hands of my Haemonculi. There is still one more choice. You may join us".

So you have decided to join us? That may prove to be a wise or a foolish choice, depending on time. We are the Dark Eldar, and we dance a bloody path on the precipice of annihilation. We seek to kill, maim, slaughter and burn.

We have need for many Men and Women;


Archon (Post filled)


Lord's Retinue




Wyches (Female Dark Eldar)

Dark Eldar Warriors (Male Dark Eldar)

Fast Attack

Reaver Jetbike Squadrons

Heavy Support

Dark Eldar Scourges

Ravager Crew

Command Structure

First we must fill the Lord's Retinue, so join there first. Once there are 5 Warriors/Wyches in the Retinue, join the troop choice for warriors, we reccomend Wyches for Females and Dark Eldar warriors for Males, though this will not be forced.

If you want to join a different choice then you must apply1. We will review your military history and let you know if your application is successful.

If you perform exeptionally well then you may be promoted to the rank of Dracon Lord and have your own retinue, though you can't apply for this. We come to you.

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1You must become a Warrior/Wych first

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