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Hi Kirky;

Are you the kirky from GWAPES? If you are, I'm that wsfn. If not, check out my page to get to GWAPES...which is the Garrett Wang APprEciation Society. Although you are too young (your words) to have seen Star Trek at its beginning, you have missed the cultural and technological impact it had, and frankly, now its cute and campy.

I agree that Kate is cool, and the factor the detractors focus on is the "un-reality" of certain aspects...but frankly, these are not people who have fun in any real sense of the word anyway...no imagination. The best sci-fi, ends up sounding funny and campy, because the technology they propose ended up becoming real and normal.

Have a great day;



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Fat Mammoth

Oh my GOD is this a neglected forum. I just came here to get away from that hectic mess at the Bday party, but does anyone every come to this entry?


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I just thought that I'd reply to that article about Voyager. You're right, it's a top show. The actors certainly know what they are doing, proving StarTrek's capacity for taking who were perhaps not particularly well known before the show and then making them huge.


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I just thought I'd mention this.

Why is it almost always Harry who gets into trouble? Kidnapped by the Caretaker (Caretaker). Transported to another reality (Ex Post Facto). Eaten from the inside out thanks to Species 8417. Killed in a suicide ritual(That was a rip-off of 'Half a Life' anyways). Zapped too many times to count. Trapped with Paris on a prison ship. Locked in Astrometrics with Torres (Year of Hell). Nearly traped in the holodeck with Paris and a Captain Proton simulation(Bride of Chaotica). Countless other incidents (can anyone name others)

Oh, and finally: Marooned on a desertworld by Seska and Maij Cullah of the Kazon-Nistrim (Basics).


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You missed out being killed and replaced by harry kim from a mirror universe.
I have done a star trek quiz but not many people have tryed it it's on http://www.h2g2.com/A458813


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Not to mention falling in love with every inhospitable, non-compatible, holodeck or evil alien along the way?

Please, just give Harry a PROMOTION already!

Now, wouldn't you just kill to see HK in that race uniform again????

I know, as a season finale, we can get Harry a promotion, a steady girl, no diseases, an all white uniform, and a show of his own for 7 or so years. YUM!




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dr.Beaky lord and master

Is it just me or do Chakotay and Kathryn make a cute couple?

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