Star Trek Voyager.

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Every one has seen the old star trek, dodgey sets and short men dressed up in rubber costumes. So it was a shock when one day I tuned in to the first episode of Voyager, the reoccuring sets and laughable special effects where gone. I've been informed that it was state of the art in the day, as I wasn't born I can't comment. The story lines as always have to be taken with a piece of salt and the tecnobable doesn't always make sense when the science minded few take it apart. How ever I must protested that why would any one want to spend hours watching a programme anaylisising it for accuraceys and foul ups. I hear a cry for these people to be put in a locked room with every B movie made in the 50's and 60's so they can anaylsis them. This would of cause send them all insane but I doubt any one could notice the difference.
The actors on Voyager are talented, a rarety in todays television. When you meet them they are surprisingly nice, I have had the pleasure of meeting 2, Robbie McNeill and Robert Beltran. Which brings us to a mystery, why so many Roberts on one show does this not get a tad confusing. You also have a Roxann and a guy who's surname is Russ.
The story line to almost every episode in the first 3 series was, Voyager finds a race, makes friends, breaks their laws, fights them and then makes a runner back home. As any hitch hiker knows being away from home can be stressfull, always dealing with strange enterties and races, is that any need for fighting. Whats so good on Earth any way, a rock circuling the sun on the western and unfashionable side of this galexey. They are trying to get home to a planet where nothing happens, everyone is nice to each other and they have to go stir up another part of the galexey through a worm hole for fun?
Captain Kathryn Janeway, yes her voice could be improved and her hair I think is looking good. She must be the best women alive to do some serious butt kicking. She rocks, true often could use prozac but never mind. Not even a hitch hiker with a death wish would mess with that woman. Kate Mulgrew plays her with style, commanding respect where ever she goes. A perfect role model for women every where. In charge, happy (mostly), intelligent, popular, beautiful and can keep her clothes on. Unlike many other women in television shows, I've finished my blathering.
Voyager is a fab show which gets 10 out of 10 in my ratings, it's on sky 1 and BBC2 inthe uk so check it out.

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