Summer 2003 Caption Competition - Winners!

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Here they are - the winning entries for this season's Caption Competition. Congratulations to all the successful h2g2ers and a big 'thank you' to all who took part.

  • Round 1
    1. Horror as the harmful rays from the sun start causing peoples' faces to melt.
      - If the universe is infinite, then im "a" center
    2. When visiting a new planet for the first time, always check the local gravity conditions before disembarking.
      - Peet
    3. This is what happens if you throw yourself at the ground and don't manage to miss...
      - Niwt

  • Round 2
    1. And if I press this button, your hairline recedes even further - look!
      - Dr E Vibenstein
    2. The cloning process was yet to be perfected.
      - Archangel Dr Justin
    3. The comeback tour of Bros was tragically delayed when Luke couldn't remember the words of "When will I be famous" and had to get someone to put the words back into his mouth.
      - LuckyStar

  • Round 3
    1. VIP was rather confused about whether you were meant to use a flamingo or pretend to be one.
      - Cafram
    2. There was just 1 minute to go and the other "Worm Wangling" contestants were looking despondent!
      - Stainless Rider
    3. The back-up plan was just fine until the man from Del Monte turned up asking for his oranges back!
      - Whisky

  • Round 4
    1. DoctorMo and Xanatic spent much time trying to find out whether this was really a lifesize wax figure of Queeglesproggit or if the "don't touch" tag was yet another of her cunning disguises.
      - Toy Box
    2. The female could only flash a nervous smile as the males advanced luckily she was not at a corner table.
      - Jimi X
    3. She never noticed one of his hands was operating on its own.
      - SEF

  • Round 5
      - Thog
    2. You are the apple of my eye. In fact, you look quite delicious. I'm glad I used my fixodent today!
      - SEA change
    3. Do I have something stuck in my teeth?
      - nineofeight

  • Round 6
    1. In an unguarded moment, Abi reveals the secret fuel on which Italics run during meets: E-numbers and glucose syrup.
      - MaW
    2. Chocolate covered ants are so delicious. Oh my God, is this one tastes like a Pharaoh. Is it Amy?
      - SEA Change
    3. Can I stop posing for this stupid caption photo yet?
      - SEF

  • Round 7
    1. I'm down with the kids, man, you dig? So don't you go givin' me no diss for bein' a sk8r boi, reeespeck.
      - Lucky Star
    2. Male Model Syndrome strikes again.
      - Croz
    3. You're beautiful baby don't ever change!
      - Shea the Sarcastic

  • Round 8
    1. Bonnie & Clyde - the later years
      - GreyDesk
    2. Her: "What d'you mean, there's no line dancing! I've been practising my Tush Push since last Meet!"

      Him: "Thank Bob for that! No more boot scooting at my end!"

      - LuckyStar
    3. Kerr looks for an escape after discovering that Bruce's real name is Susie...
      - broelan

  • Round 9
    1. The prospect of walloping Ashley's balls with a baseball bat quickly attracted an orderly queue.
      - Master B
    2. Due to h2g2's sudden occult following, most of the 2003 Summer meet-up attendees sadly await their pending doom from the 'Hootoo Gods' who plan on sacrificing their bodies.
      - Darth Zaphod
    3. The British hootooers use the opportunity to give their foreign friends an example of the joys of queueing.
      - Farrago

  • Round 10
    1. The cloakroom attendant gets trampled after making the mistake of calling out, "Whose anorak is this?"
      - Summerbayexile
    2. Oh dear, the Richard Clayderman appreciation society are back in town again.
      - GreyDesk
    3. "Revenge of the Nerds 4" was promising to be an uproarious film.
      - Master B


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