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Never one to let a good idea go to waste1, I would like to reintroduce to
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10th July

  • 1856

    Birth date of Nikola Tesla. The Serbian-American
    inventor, electrical engineer, and scientist developed
    over 700 patents, including wireless communication,
    radio, fluorescent lights and the alternating

  • 1958

    The first parking meters were installed in Britain.
    The honour was given to Mayfair, London and 625 meters
    were put in position.


  • 1989

    Mel Blanc dies, aged 81. Immortalised as the voice of
    many cartoon characters, including Bugs Bunny, Porky
    Pig, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Sylvester. He also
    provided sound effects for many programmes, including
    The Jack Benny Show.

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11th July

  • 1274

    Birth date of Robert the Bruce. Bruce was crowned the
    King of Scotland at Scone on March 25th, 1306. After
    being crowned, Bruce tried to overthrow the English
    Invaders. After defeat, most likely after the Battle
    at Methven and Dalry in the winter of 1313, Bruce
    withdrew into a cave. It is said that here Bruce saw a
    spider take several attempts to make a web. This gave
    him the encouragement he needed not to give up. Bruce
    went on to the glorious victory at the Battle of
    Bannockburn in 1314.

  • 1989

    Sir Laurence Olivier dies, aged 82. He was nominated
    for 12 Academy Awards and won 2. He was also honoured
    with 2 special Oscars. In his long career, he appeared
    in more than 120 stage roles, almost 60 films and over
    15 television productions.

  • 1991

    Total solar eclipse is seen in Hawaii.

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12th July

  • 100 BC

    Birth date of Gaius Julius Caesar. He was assassinated
    on the Ides (15th) of March, 44 BC.

  • 1776

    James Cook set sail from Plymouth, UK on his third and
    final expedition on the ship Resolution. It was a
    search for a Northwest Passage across northern North
    America to Asia.

  • 1960

    Launch of the first passive satellite. Echo 1 A was a
    communications satellite that was put into orbit with
    an altitude of 1600 km. Its job was to reflect
    received radio signals.

13th July

  • 432 BC

    The origin of the Metonic Cycle. It was proposed by
    the Greek astronomer Metos and linked the dates and
    phases of the moon with solar years. The cycle has a
    period of 19 solar years, with a thirteenth month
    every seven years. 19 solar years equals 6939.60 days,
    whilst 235 lunar months equals 6939.69 days. That is a
    discrepancy of less than 2 hours. As a result of this
    relationship, it is possible for a series of eclipses
    to occur on the same dates 19 years apart. This is the
    importance of the Metonic cycle. It allowed extra
    months to be added in to keep the lunar calendar and
    solar calendar (seasons) in step.

  • 1930

    The first World Cup final held between Uruguay, the
    hosts, and Argentina. Uruguay won 4-2.


  • 1940

    Birth date of Patrick Stewart. Stewart immortalised
    the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek, The
    Next Generation. He has recently starred as Professor
    Charles Xavier in the movies X-Men and X-Men

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14th July

  • 1858

    Birth date of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester,
    England. Founder of the Women's Social and Political
    Union in 1903, the Union that campaigned for
    Women's vote in Britain.

  • 1989

    The 16th James Bond movie License to Kill
    premiers in the US. Starring Timothy Dalton as Bond,
    there was a 6-year gap between this film and the next,

  • 1990
    Howard Stern's Summer Show premiers on WWOR-TV.

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15th July

  • 1099

    Jerusalem re-captured by the crusaders. They were led
    by Godfrey and Robert of Flanders. Before then, the
    Christians, Muslims and Jews got on remarkably well.

    Gedge and Campi

  • 1888

    The Bandai Volcano, situated 130 miles north of Tokyo,
    erupts for the first time in 1,000 years. It killed
    461 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. The last
    tremors were recorded in 2000, leading to evacuation
    of the nearby areas.

  • 1965

    US scientists display close-up photos of Mars taken
    from Mariner IV. They showed the landscape of 600,000
    square miles, one per cent of the planet's

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16th July

  • 622

    Origin of the Islamic Era, when the Prophet Muhammad
    left Mekka for Yathrib (Medina).

  • 1911

    Birth date of Virginia Katherine McMath, also known as
    Ginger Rogers. Born in Independence, Missouri, the
    actress and dancer performed a number of famous roles,
    captivating and enthralling her audience.

  • 1945

    The first Atomic bomb, developed by Dr Robert
    Oppenheimer and his team at Los Alamos, was exploded
    in New Mexico.


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