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... and now ladies, gentlemen and others, please put your hands, paws, fins, goinks1 together for another Through the Doughnut Hole!!!!

smiley - musicalnoteHey everyone let's cover ourselves in coal...smiley - musicalnote
smiley - musicalnoteas we sit back and enjoy another Through the Doughnut Hole!!smiley - musicalnote2

Consider This

Calm down, calm down people, there's no need to get hysterical. Yes I know it's another Doughnut Hole, but there's no need for this level of excitement... or I will have to let Nurse Gerty3 take a look at you, and believe me I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Tee Hee just kidding folks, I do know how you long to watch the show every week, and you have no need to wait any longer, last week I posed this question thanks to Jodan... What do you call your computer?

It wasn't the most replied to question, but the three that did, are a threesome of wonderful researchers who I take great pleasure in introducing to you...


My first guest this week was funnily enough my first guest last week, but don't worry it's not a repeat of the show. It is non other than the delightfully talented and kind Pinwheel Pearl who started this conversation.

'My computer is called Phoebe, because it's a Packard Bell, so PB turned into Phoebe, and then we went and made the desktop all hippish, so, because of Friends, Phoebe stuck.'

~Huge Grin~... As long as your computer doesn't suddenly starting singing 'Smelly Cat'!!! Great name for a computer as well, I call mine Edgar, after a film I once watched (once or twice) many moons ago. Called 'Electric Dreams', it made quite an impression on me.
Especially in the bank account department, after it convinced me that I need only pour an alcoholic beverage onto my computer to get it to be a super, duper machine, complete with a wonder personality all it's own. It never worked, and nor did my computer after me trying it!!!


My second guest this week is someone who was last on the show back in May, and I was
very much overjoyed that he has returned to be with us once more. Please give a warm
Doughnut welcome to Marjin in this conversation

'It may seem very simple, but I just call it 'my computer'.

Unless it gives trouble, then it might become 'dat pokkeding4' .'

What else should one call their computer really? Thank you Marjin for sharing that with
us, and thank you Shazz for translating for me, if you don't understand it either, then read
the footnote...


My third guest this week is someone else who we haven't seen on the show for a while. Her last appearance was in April, and I am very pleased that she has decided to grace us with her presence again. She needs no further introduction it is of course Amy Pawloski in this conversation

'Well, my computer at w*rk doesn't have one. And, technically speaking, neither does my home computer... But I *call* it either 'The Machine' or 'senile'...'

Ah, Amy I am glad you asterixed out that four letter word you used in your conversation... I don't want this show axed for using such words!!! Have you ever thought your computer may have these 'senile' moments because of your lack of proper 'cute' pet name for it... ~grin~

No, Consider This

It's always good solving those little problems that perplex us isn't it, makes you feel
better and that all is right with the world. That is until you think up an entirely new question
to perplex yourself with, and the idea of having to think up a question to perplex yourself
with is perplexing in itself. So to save you the bother I shall come up with a new question for
you to solve, or deliberate over and maybe another article just like this one but with
different words will spring forth from The Post and onto your computer screens.

So today's question is... roll of drums...

What is your favourite song or piece of

We all have one don't we? That perfect song or piece of music that always brings back the best memories. It maybe just something that you have grew to love and can never tire of listening to. Why not share it with your friends on this show, I am sure we are all eager to hear about it. As before I will use whatever facts, information or silliness in a future Doughnut Hole.

Of course you can also enter into any of the conversations featured on this page.

Blotto's Booger

As this show is a little shorter than usual, I had my Personal Assistant Blotto, put together a little quiz for you to take part in. He is very proud of it, and I will leave it for him to tell you all about it.

Hello everyone, my name is Blotto, and I have made up this little competition for you all to enter if you so wish. It is extremely simple, all you have to do is unravel the anagrams of Post Reporters names you will find below. I am sorry that I could not include all Post Reporters in this fun quiz, but please know you have not been missed out intentionally, but because I have only room for 10 anagrams.

  1. We Growbag
  2. Moist Cop
  3. Hard Fire Crinkled Duck
  4. Zap Dr Hothad
  5. Borneo 2001
  6. Exciting Rover
  7. Old Hen Sues US
  8. Ewen Help April
  9. I Eat Dr & Roy
  10. Hindu Aces Exam

Wonderful aren't they? Now all you have to do is solve them, and if you like you can email me the answers care of my boss Ms. Cat, and I will give you all a name check in next times show. If you do E-Mail me, please include your Researcher name and 'U' number so I know who you are. The E-Mail address is [email protected]. All answers must be with me by Monday 14th July 2003 to be included in next times show.

Consider Wisely

So that's it for this week, Blotto please escort my three guests back to the Green Room for a spot of Tiffin. See you all next time, same Post article, same post channel!!!

This weeks article is brought to by The Post and something that resembles a large tray of prunes.

Share and Enjoy!!

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1I am not going to ask, maybe you should...2Music by John Bun Buyjovi, Lyrics by Vogon Doesanyonereadthis?3Usually kept locked in the Medical Room when not in use, so as not to frighten any young children or people of a nervous disposition.4Translation 'That
poxy thing" - Thank you Shazz!

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