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This could be a great movie trilogy.

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In five parts of course.

Your average American audience can't stand any movie franchise that lasts beyond three episodes. But the way I see it, both the first and second books would go well together in one movie seeing how they both relate to Arthur trying to adapt to his new lifestyle. The second film would cover the third book (which is it's own story in itself.) The last movie could cover the final two books which also seem to go hand-in-hand. Lately, Hollywood's been trying to remain faithful to classic books, even if it does throw in random creative input. So far it handled the Harry Potter and LOTR very faithfully, and even creatively followed up on the LOTR subplots Tolkien only suggested in his books. HGTTG CAN pull off an excellent film depending on how dedicated to the book series the producer, director, and writer really are.

As for actors:

Arthur: I read his dialogue, I picture Hugh Grant. No question. Hugh Grant can play naive and very dull characters incredibly well. Mix his characters from "About A Boy" and "Two Weeks Notice" and you've got Arthur Dent right there.

Ford: I always thought of Harrison Ford - and he might do well - but lately I'm thinking Owen Wilson or even myself. I trying to think of someone who has hitchhiker written all over them, so we need someone who looks good with messy hair, dirty clothes, and a satchel.

Zaphod: Brad Pitt. I was watching "Fight Club" the other night and I realized the characters of Zaphod and Tyler Durden had a lot in common. He goes from serious to sarcastic in a snap, and makes impulsive decisions based on random ideas.

Trillian: Here's the spot for a random no-namer to finally get the spotlight. I can't think of anyone famous who can cover her quite yet. Most of the time, I just picture the girl from "Relic Hunter" but she fits the finished profile like a square peg in a round hole.

Marvin: Most likely, he'll be CGI. I keep picturing that dreary robot from the Oreo "Planet Snax" commercial when I think of him. As for a voice actor (or actor for motion-capture, depending on how they go) I'm thinking Ryan Stiles (The Drew Carey Show) would be perfect if he acted cynical enough.

This could be a great movie trilogy.

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Much as I respect and admire Harrison Ford as an actor, I don't think he would be quirky or eccentric enough to play Ford. I'd like to see Ben Stiller as Ford.
Tia Carrera is a good choice as Trillian, and seeing his performance in Twelve Monkeys, Brad Pitt is an interesting choice for Zaphod.

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This could be a great movie trilogy.

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