Project: The Legends of American Baseball

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    Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Project Name: The Legends of American Baseball
  • Field Researcher: Jodan
  • Department: Sport and Leisure
  • Faculty: Social Sciences
  • Start Date: 10 June, 2003
  • End Date: sometime before I absolutely have to, 2003
  • Assisting Sub-Editor: Wildman will Sub Edit Jodan and Hypatia's entries and Z will sub Wildman's entries

Project Description

They're all done.

  1. A1136558 - An Introduction to the Legends of Baseball
  2. A1118648 - Ty Cobb - Baseball Legend
  3. A1117621 - Babe Ruth - Baseball Legend
  4. A1118693 - Ted Williams - Baseball Legend
  5. A1117388 - Lou Gehrig - Baseball Legend
  6. A1121257 - Willie Mays - Baseball Legend
  7. A1117487 - Cy Young - Baseball Legend
  8. A1118684 - Joe DiMaggio - Baseball Legend
  9. A1118657 - Jackie Robinson - Baseball Legend
  10. A1118675 - Mickey Mantle - Baseball Legend
  11. A1091891 - The Baseball Hall of Fame - By Wildman
  12. A1118701 - Yogi Berra - Baseball Legend
  13. A1118666 - Pete Rose - Baseball Legend
  14. A1124254 - Cal Ripken - Baseball Legend
  15. A1121248 - Hank Aaron - Baseball Legend - By Wildman
  16. A1160281 - Rogers Hornsby - Baseball Legend
  17. A1151993 - Stan Musial - Baseball Legend by Hypatia

Contributing Researchers

Further Information Required

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