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Great Entry Terri!

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Well done... I just thought it should be said on site rather than on msn!

Great Entry Terri!

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Quite right Z, well said, hear hear!

I rather think children *should* be frightened and, what's more, they are going to be frightened whether adults like it or not. Life is frightening. The closing credits to Tom Baker era Dr Who terrified me as a child: flying into a sort of abstract trumpet with blackness at the end (opening credits had light at the end... or was it the other way around?). Only a large dose of my Nana's pickled shallots could quell my fears, if not my rosy red cheeks. Or the back room of the local corner shop/post office: a petrifyingly petrified still world of monochrome. Who could have known such things might petrify a child?

That I chose later to fly into blackness and a still, monochrome world is testament to the good sense of the chap quoted in yonder article.

Great Entry Terri!

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Good one Terri, life is frightening enough without adding extra fear to kids and subsequently adults. Least we have somewhere to go! A difficult article to read and maybe to write as well?

Great Entry Terri!

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Hi Kaz,

Yes, not easy to write, possibly not easy to read, but I felt it had to come crawling out of the woodwork.

Thanks to all for commenting, it is very much appreciated;

smiley - hug


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