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The UnderGuideOnce upon a time, a few devoted Researchers saw the need for more recognition of creative writing on h2g2. Creative writing, we're told, is not the main point of the site. The Edited Guide demands conformity to the Writing Guidelines, but a lot of fine writing doesn't meet them. In recognition of that, these Researchers proposed a new guide, and called it the UnderGuide.

They weren't the first, though, to try and cater for such writing. The Alternative Writing Workshop was set up by the h2g2 staff, but there was no destination for pieces that went through the AWW. AGG/GAG/CAC, The Post, Fiction Central, So Long and Thanks for Laughing were all created by volunteers to help fill this gap, and all deserve our gratitude and appreciation. But there was still no way to give official recognition to the best of this writing, because there was no route to the direct Front Page exposure that it deserved. The UnderGuide fills that last gap. Through the UnderGuide the best of h2g2's alternative writing is featured on the Front Page1 and then collected within the UnderGuide Archive.

The UnderGuide is an edited collection of writing gems that fall outside the scope of the Edited Guide and that have been officially recognised, featured on the Front Page and added to 'The Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything'2, alongside the Edited Guide entries.

Links to find out more about the UnderGuide's processes and the team behind it :

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1Currently one or two entries over each weekend.2click herefor the official italic-maintained archive.

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