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april showers

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yeah, its basically been raining madly here and its summer which makes it so wyrdsmiley - erm...when its rainin at noon its especially horrendous horrendous horrendous...when youre expecting some happy sunshine...la la la weather and find yourself stuck with lemony snicket weather its cruel...like putting leeches in someones christmas stocking cruel!!defintely deseving of a lump of coal behaviour which is not gonna help you hitch a ride anywhere, if the word gets around...so dont do that ever! and if you feel you alsolutely have to, be kind enough to also put a salt shaker in...remember human rights! other bad christmas gift ideas: bad popcorn kernels, tickets to a show the day after its happened, a lump of coal, an evil talking doll, salt, last years fruit cake...really good ideas: practically everything else [provided you dont get your ideas from a lemony snicket or the depressin pages in a julian barnes book...] how to get rid of unsightly rain: do a sun dance...call upon the gods of the cucumber forests...but do not, i repeat: do not! ever! offer them mint chocolate! that will definitely bring on a cyclone and some flooding of your house at the very least...smiley - run

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april showers

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