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The Space Race

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Steve K.

Back in the Cold War, NASA was trying to stay ahead of the Russians on getting to the moon. NASA discovered a problem with ballpoint pens in space - they don't work, since there is no gravity. So they spent a billion or two and developed a pen that would write anywhere, outer space, underwater, etc. The Russians used a pencil.

The Space Race

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Fashion Cat

Yes, I've heard this, and as far as Im can find out its a whole thing to make the americans look daft. The americans also used a pencil, but there was difficulties caused when the lead in the pencil broke and stuff. That lead to the development of the Space Pen, which incidentally, I believe the Russians and all other space bods use today.

There is a whole article on the Space Pen coming to a screen near you shortly. I hope! smiley - winkeye

smiley - smiley FC

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