A Conversation for The Ballpoint Pen

Douglas Adams

Post 1

eviL bLonde

"Somewhere in the cosmos along with all the planets inhabited by humanoids, reptiloids, fishoids, walking treeoids, and superintelligent shades of the color blue, there was also a planet entirely given over to ballpoint life forms. And it was to this planet that unattended ballpoints would make their way, slipping away quietly through wormholes in space to a world where they knew they could enjoy a uniquely ballpointoid lifestyle, responding to highly ballpoint-oriented stimuli, and generally leading the ballpoint equivalent of the good life."
-Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams

Post 2

Fashion Cat

The planet Biro. Well, all those lost pens have to go somewhere...

smiley - winkeye FC

Douglas Adams

Post 3

TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

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