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I haven't come across pariser being used as slang for a condom [although I'm not surprised], however, the most common use for me is a type of salami?/sausage?, comes in [pun unintended] varieties e.g. pistachio, capsicum and consistes of fine ground meat [cooked] similar to franfurters and about the size and dimnsions of strasberg but with much better flavour. Kids kill for it.


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Sho - employed again!

oh, that's interesting.

I'd never heard of it as a condom either, but my husband had smiley - erm

smiley - smiley


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Well, I can confirm: Pariser *is* used for condoms. Or rather, used to be used. I haven't heard it used that much, but I guess almost everybody will understand you are referring to condoms when you talk about Pariser...

Another word that sounds a bit similar is "Präser" - short for "Präservativ," which of course means nothing like "preservative," but quite simply "condom."



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Sho - employed again!

which is quite possibly where Pariser comes from?

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