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EncyBass-: Not going to be around much next week, cos I've got a new job...

The singer in my band is a vegan, and as such I've picked up a few hints as to what vegans can drink.
Beer- Bud, Becks, Holsten Pils
Spirits- Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker Black Label, Smirnoff Vodka.
Energy Drinks- Red Bull.
Own brands tend to be made a bit cheaper, and may have some animal involved somewhere. These definitely don't, and are vegan safe.


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What, no wine? No guinness? No scotch or cognac? These are essentials for life. How can one go without?


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The URL for vegan alcohol does indeed provide information on wine and other alcoholic beverages suitable for vegans. I believe that isinglass is used as a fining agent in most stouts, though not all. As I don't drink alcohol, my knowledge is limited, but the URL in the resources list is a good starting place. My husband brews his own, which is extremely popular, not to mention fun smiley - smiley

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