A Conversation for Toilet Roll - Over, Under or Not at All?

Need for more toilet etiquette guidance

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Speaking purely as a confirmed 'overhanger' kinda guy, interested to here other guidance on hot topics such as this. Specifically:

Whats the etiquette in 3-urinal toilets? If one is the first to arrive, either end seems acceptable. Second to arrive - the other end obviously. But how does one deal with a second arrival when only the middle one is occupied? One wonders - did the encumbent take the middle by choice, or was he the last to arrive?

Four or more urinals must have their own rules.

And how does one deal with over-zealous attendants who overfill the paper towel dispensers, leading to excessive pressure and an inability to take one without either ripping it or taking half a dozen.

Any thoughts to ease a troubled mind?

smiley - winkeye

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Need for more toilet etiquette guidance

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