A Conversation for Toilet Roll - Over, Under or Not at All?

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badger party tony party green party

The article although thorough in most reards misses one obvious answerto the "problem". If you install you holder vertically you avoid the under or over problem. Furthermore as you tear the paper downwards to remove your sheets in a direction that is 90 degrees to the axsis of rotation of the toilet roll tube you will not end up tearing more than you need. This solution as well as reducing the amount of paper wasted by "over-rolling" means that no longer need there be a power struggle for between those who believe in under hanging and people who can not live in a world that does not over hang.smiley - peacesign

a TRUE third way

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Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy (Losing Weight at A858170)

ahhh - but the argument would just be transferred to those arguing a case for and against hanging to the "left" or "right"

smiley - winkeye

a TRUE third way

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badger party tony party green party

The left or right conundrum is merely an illusion created by the viewers perspective. Although if the seated person has the toilet paper on a wall to the right of them and the paper is unravelled in in a clockwise direction Im sure some dogmatic pedant would reject this as "hanging under" as the torn edge would be near to the wall. A more practical solution than rearranging every tube holder in the world is to tell people who complain to get stuffed and they can go round with skiddy knickers if they dont like it.

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