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... not actually a monolith

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Astroboy 69 (aka aardvark mutineer: keeper of heraldic ants)

as an australian, i was astounded to learn only fairly recently that uluru is not actually a monolith. with kata tjuta, and the olgas away to the north, these three outcrops represent the last tips of a huge plate of rock, a mountain range, that was raised and squashed in some ancient geological event and the valleys, up to these three 'islands' that are all that now remain visible, were filled with sediment that has congealed nicely now into a large inhospitable desert...

otherwise, an rich and informative entry. thanks!


... not actually a monolith

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well well... howdy cobber.. hack spit and other cultural cliches....
(lol just hamming it up for the foreigners there .. drop bears ermmm crows fly backwards that sort of thing!)

LOL Well you learn something.. etc etc

I also gather we would all be doing a happy thing if we stopped walking all over it. Apart from extensive physical damage (there's bloody graphiti all over the devil's marbles GRRRRRRRRRR !) it is the equivalent of having a sit down on the alter of westminster cathedral (or insert religous icon of your choice)

... not actually a monolith

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Ooo... not a monolith? Just as well I put "believed to be"! Always best to guard yourself I say... smiley - winkeye Thanks for the fact!

And I hate all that $%#*ing grafitti on the Devil's Marbles as well... why would you do that?!?

And for the record: I didn't climb and I won't. Though I did hear a rather different reason as to why you shouldn't climb. Apparently it's all an insurance thingy beacause of the high cost of all the accidents that befall (pun unintended) climbers and the call out fees for ambulances. I DON'T BELIEVE THIS THOUGH (thought I'd make that clear.)


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