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Ek* this space intentionally left blank *ki

Goddam that sounds fantastic ... smiley - bigeyes

*reminds self to prepare meal to impress*

smiley - bigeyes

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philbo baggins

Oh, it is... it is also one of a very few meals ALL my children eat with real gusto (though a couple of them do ask for no spring onions)

As my favourite dish, when I had to write a parody on the subject of "Chinese food", I wrote this one: http://www.amiright.com/parody/90s/redhotchillipeppers1.shtml which does its best to sum up the crispy aromatic duck experience smiley - smiley


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I alsways used to love it when my dad (a chinese chef) made Peking Duck... With duck fresh from our garden too...

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Old Uncle Zarniwoop

The one problem with this dish is that its too darn tasty and its over all too quickly. Hoi Sin Sauce is absolutly delicious!!

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