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This was good reading. I like the idea of scientific romance! It suits the style of writing.

Wells was very much a man out of his time. Many of his subjects have only just become scientific reality and his language and technology are firmly based on his own time. I remember reading one of his stories set in the distant future (exactly which one, I forget) in which everyone ate communially. It was quite a pleasant affair with the string quartet playing in the background. He could not have imagined piped music. (It's rather like Arthur C Clark in 1946 wtiting about large telecommunications satellites witha crew of ten - to change the valves!)

Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.

Out of Time

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Mat Lindsay (the researcher formerly known as Nylarthotep...now he has a name, all he needs is a face)

To quote the ginger haired rock muppet, Dave Mustaine:

"Hindsight is always 20/20; but looking back it's still a bit fuzzy"

I doubt the same thing could be said of Steven King.

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