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Chivalry vs Rules Of Courtly Love

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I tend to be be very dishearted when people confuse true chivalry with the Rules of Courtly Love. There is a difference. True chivalry basicly evolved as a warrior's code. A code of male ethics, of how men should behave on and off the battle field, in politics (where it is sorely lacking these days) and in every day life, and while they are alone. Any one who compromizes his ethics and code of conduct while behind closed doors with no one watching is not practicing true chivalry.

The Rules of Courtly Love(ROCL) evolved as a part of chivalry in a different time and social standards. Men were more lack of a better words barbaric and uncouth and treated women rather poorly. The ROCL were comprized to "civilize" men and change thier attitudes toward women, to act appropritly in "polite society" But it is not true chivalry. I believe the ROCL helped in manner to promote the equality of women. The Rules Of Courtly Love need to be moderized to reflect the current equality of women and the social environment of today.

But True Chivalry remains and always will be as a higher ethical standard of male behavior that not only supports the equality of women but actively endorses it.

Do not condemn me because I hold the door open for you, its not because I think your weaker and must be "protected" Its not because I want in your "pants". Its because I hold myself to higher standard. In the right situation I'd hold the door open for a enemy. However if you would prefer to hold the door open for me I would graciously accept it and say Thank you. It would not make me fell weaker or less of a man, it wwould not consider it condesending behavior on your part. For I as I said I hold myself to a higher standard, Not higher than you or anyone else, but higher than I what I can be without it. I follow true chivaly not be better than my fellow man, but to be better than my worse enemy, Myself

In True Chivalry
Sir Miach AKA Jeff Barnes, CNC www.chivalrynow.net

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Chivalry vs Rules Of Courtly Love

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