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Phone usage was so much simpler before the advent of call waiting
and Mobile phones. Here are a couple suggestions I would make.
If you are in the middle of a call and get the buzz for another call
inform the first caller politely that you must interupt the call for a few seconds then politely tell the second caller that you are putting them on hold until you finish the first call. Then return to the first caller. I would consider it bad form to leave the first caller on hold for more than thirty seconds. They were thaere first
and deserve priority.
2. When using a mobile phone if you need to speak face to face with someone inform the person on the phone that you can't talk to them right this second and then take the phone away from your head while you converse with the person in front of you. I consider it bad form to continue with a phone hanging from your ear while speaking in person, even if that person is just a cashier at an outdoor hot dog stand.

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Phone etiquette

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