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Scalar/non-linear waves

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Researcher 187509

I have found a misconception in how the world/the universe works.
I think that low frequency noise, is the key to intelligence.
There is nothing new in this idea, only a slight change in name.
Einstein refered to it as PSI Energy (not pounds per square inch)
Prof. Martin Rees talked about Dark Matter a few weeks ago on channel
4. "What We still don`t know".

Computer models were made with and without Dark Matter.
Without Dark Matter the world would not be as we know it.
Prof. Rees said that Dark Matter passed though everything so its very
difficault to measure directly.

This Dark Matter I think exists as a "Standing Wave" meaning there is no Time.. Everything is connected for all time.

So the inverse square law is not a true statement.
Like E=MC^2 where c= the speed of light, because the speed of light can be changed by gravity.

Gravity, low frequency, scalar waves, Non-linear waves and carrier
waves have been misold as a Weak Force, since 1955 or so.
When Einstein died and the cold war started..
There was no longer anyone to tell the public at large..

This as left a very contraversal problem in that low frequency, or the low frequency additive can also be called "Pink Noise".
Pink Noise is able to be programmed with other EMF radiations.
Such that these systems become much stronger without it regestering on scale. The same toxic effect can happen with chemicals or drugs.
The low frequency is being given off by a frequency modulator or inverter, within a device.

The HSE and NRPB are the leaders in what it appears science is allowed to play with.
I have finnaly got out of them that they really don`t know how technology works and the universe.
They can`t tell if a Halgen lamp is safe or a mobile phone is because they only measure the Radio wave not the true power which is conceal
in low frequency, Standing waves and scalar systems.

The Royal society Report on Nano-Science and nano technology makes
very serious reading into the sorts of scientists out there.
Reading between the lines, they are part premoting it setting up more research groups.. Then saying what I am not sure except there`s no way of measuring this stuff.

Remote Sensing that`s a serious one, everyone seems to be just excepting it.. Not believeing quite what it means, and that we have been exposed since the 1970`s to HAARP both USA and Russian versions.
But civilan scientist can`t measure it..

Computers are thought to get less over distance like everything else.
But do they?

Scalar/non-linear waves

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Mrs Zen

I *wish* I understood more of what you are saying, but I lack the physics and maths. smiley - cry I haven't seen Ste around for a while, but Hoo might have something to say on the subject. But then again he might not...

I am perfectly balanced between a mildly antrocentric view of the universe as being a material and physical manifestation of spiritual reality, and as being 'just chemicals'. Perfectly poised between the two opinions. Sometimes I think the universe is too - that we have Shroedinger's God, in fact.

You mention HAARP, which is something I found out about some years ago, and which I think would certainly merit a Guide Entry. Would you consider writing one on it?


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