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Great Radio Shows

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Tommy Mac

How can you possibly leave out perhaps one of the greatest shows ever ? Namely 'Journey To The Moon' This one kept us on the edge of our seats week after week .
One of the 'star adventurers' in fact went on to become an M P Was his name Foulds?
Tommy Mac

Great Radio Shows

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Brandy Bottle (1+7+8+0!+0!+4! = 42)

This was Andrew Faulds (with an A) who was the indomitable Jet Morgan, always saving his sidekick Mitch from (just about anything).
The radio series was called "Journey into Space"
A quick search on Google turned up his obit as #1 hit

On a personal note his family lived for a while on the corner of the same street as my family, and his daughter is still good friends with my sister-in-law. I remember what a thrill it was for my brother and myself to meet Jet Morgan in person

Great Radio Shows

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Peter Bolt

The Jack Jackson show 12noon every Saturday morning;
and of course for my generation(the days of National Service) the Forces request show "Family Favoutites".
I have a friend who learnt to despise "Sing something simple" because it always reminded him, as a youngster, of the excruiatingly boring Sundays afternoons.

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