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Saying strange things around strangers.....

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...this has to be one of my all time favourite pasttimes! smiley - smiley

When commuting on my lonesome, I always have a book handy, or a walkman (which is always suitably low, I must stress!).

But whenever I catch transport with friends who are "in the know", and especially with my brother, the fun begins....

...The aim of the game: To get as many people on the tram (bus, or train, depending on your "mode") to laugh as possible. The rules:
1. You must only talk to your buddy. The only time you may deviate from the conversation is when someone talks to you first.
2. You must only look at your buddy. Getting somebody to laugh by pulling funny faces at them is cheating.
3. Don't laugh. The conversation must be as serious as possible. Granted, this rule is pretty flexible - but it's always more fun making people laugh at "serious" conversations (or conversations said seriously, the pigeon line being a great example smiley - smiley ) then it is just reeling off jokes....more of a challenge....

I really recommend that everyone give it a go. Everyone will think you're a nutter, but what does that matter? Even if you don't gte an out-and-out laugher, rest assured that there's bound to be at least one person who goes home and tells their family or friends about you... smiley - smiley

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Saying strange things around strangers.....

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