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White tea- Ah, technically, it's a special variety...

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Jen >^@.@^<

White tea actually is a whole other group of tea (although they all come from the same plant, of course); There's Black tea, which most are familiar with, and also Green Tea (again, very familiar), Oolong (those who know more about it will know that Oolong is different from just Green), and also *white* tea. White tea is very delicate, similar in brewing method to Green tea. The leaves actually look white- brewed it looks similar to a chamomile infusion (Technical name for Herbal Tea is "Herbal Infusion", because "Tea" really only applies to the tea leaf plant that the name escapes me... camila or camilia something or other...). They're actually the very tip leaves, hand-picked, and specially dried. Very labor intensive, so that's what makes it expensive. I've never had any myself, but it is supposed to have a very delicate, floral taste. *shrug*

I know this because I watched a bit on Martha Stewart Living (I was channel surfing) about various kinds of teas smiley - winkeye Oprah's magazine (O magazine) recently had a three-page spread about teapots and accessories that was very pretty, for those interested who have access.

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*applauds lovely article*

White tea- Ah, technically, it's a special variety...

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Miranda (Make tea! Yes, Cissdur, it's still me)

Cammelia Sinensis! Or something... smiley - erm
White tea is acually very good, very delicately flavoured. Also it doesn't get bitter. I recommend trying some! smiley - smiley

White tea- Ah, technically, it's a special variety...

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Actually, the phrase "white tea" in Britain traditionally is used to refer to strong tea with milk rather than the variety of tea. I'm not sure if that usage will fade over time, or if the tea variety will acquire an alternate name.

White tea- Ah, technically, it's a special variety...

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ah well! you cant beat a cup of stewed tea(left for at least 10 minutes) preferably in a chipped mug and drank moaning about the weekends football.

White tea- Ah, technically, it's a special variety...

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ah yes...white teas my favourite...it's very good, and, like someone (the name escapes me) said above, it doesn't get bitter (well...presumably it might if you left it stewing all day, but I haven't tried that). it has a very pleasant, light flavour...besides...it's cool smiley - winkeye
the only other tea I drink is green tea sometimes.
...ummm...*glances around furtively*...I've never actually had black tea...er...is it good?...

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