A Conversation for Bird Poo and How to Cope With It

Crows' Put-down humour

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A scary thought: scientists proved that crows (supposedly the most intelligent birds in the world) can enjoy humour at others' expense! This explained why, several times now, when my friends and I are walking (alone or together) crows will hop along the telephone wires on either side of us, until we are reach a point where we must walk under them. Fortunately, we have thusfar been quick-witted enough to sidestep at the last minute, but many days I hear a sharp "smack" on the pavement mere inches to my right or left. Consider yourselves warned.

Crows' Put-down humour

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I haven't come across this myself, but at least you know what to do if you get hit!

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Crows' Put-down humour

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