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Jimi X

The American Civil War in the 1860s featured hot air balloons as observation platforms also...

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Yes, balloons had been used before, which is why the Brits had them. I didn't mention the American ones because they were not used in this theatre of war.

Did you know that the young Count Zeppelin ascended in an American balloon during the Civil War and this prompted his development of the rigid airship?

Thanks for the reminder.


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Yes, Americans. We are always the first in new ways to kill. The Zeppelins were marvelous, Grand Dames of the air, gorgous, but impractical; majestic, but risky. We will find new ways to destroy by air. I regret our technology, but I am grateful for it. Hypociritical? Oh, yes. Realistic? Oh, yes.

Zaphod, reluctantly


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Not Americans - simply Humans.


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