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Another Value for Money tip ...

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Just an innocent bystander

For the first time in my life (yes, really) I recently went to the pizza thingy with the red roof. I must say, it was MUCH better than I had expected. Anyway, while trying to get my last slice of pizza from the pan to my plate - and not noticing that the pan was positioned somewhat awkwardly on the edge of the (small) table I of course managed to drop the entire thing to the ground. Not to worry, waitress to the rescue ! If I would like to have another one, on the house ? Well, since you insist smiley - smiley (It WAS smaller than expected so I was still hungry...).

That's what I call great service and value for money. Of course, this trick (which it wasn't...) shouldn't be pulled too often (at least not at the same place...). Don't forget to be real nice to the waitress either.


Another Value for Money tip ...

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In Britain we don't encourage tipping as such in fast food joints. Which probably explains why the staff are always so miserable!smiley - biggrin

Another Value for Money tip ...

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Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy (Losing Weight at A858170)

I'm an Aussie, and nobody here ever tips at any fast food places - it's unheard of. Then again, we have minimum wages that are probably better than in the USA, even though that's not saying much!

smiley - winkeye

Another Value for Money tip ...

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The red roof establishment in question isn't a fast-food place, as such. Nobody tips at McDonalds, but we're talking about a place where you sit at a table, and a waitperson takes your order, brings your food, refills your drinks, and clears away your plates afterwards. It's a sit-down restaurant. I know there's less tipping in the UK than in the US, but I just thought I'd clarify.


Another Value for Money tip ...

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Pond_Rat [life is weird - laugh at it.]

The type of place is kind of irrelevant to the tipping equation - It's a cultural thing. Us Aussie's are possibly the least tipping people. The only people who can regularly expect tips are Barstaff (hey they sell you beer that's worth a tip) smiley - biggrinsmiley - drunk

Another Value for Money tip ...

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Tipping bartenders, I'll drink to that. smiley - cheers

Another Value for Money tip ...

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Mu Beta

I once got tipped £45 in 3 hours working behind a bar.

And it was all from the same bloke.smiley - biggrin


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